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shakthi Engineering Works produces hydraulic manifolds used within many applications. Many customers have been provided with hydraulic manifolds for applications used in injection moulding systems, hydraulic presses, the mobile sector, offshore and shipbuilding, the petrochemical industry, heavy machinery, and many more. It is our aim to exactly produce what customers are looking for. shakthi Engineering Works is one of the leading hydraulic manifold producers in the world. Customers always succeed in finding the right match considering what shakthi Engineering Works is able to offer. With our ISO 9001 quality management performance customers don’t only get what they want. Moreover, they also know that what they get is the best contemporary standards can provide. shakthi Engineering Works has developed significant knowledge, which among others shows in its expertise in machining exotic materials with excellent mechanical properties. Customers from all over the world have chosenshakthi Engineering Works as a solid, highly qualified provider for their hydraulic solutions.