shakthi Engineering Works on its way to new revolutionary products

Because of many well-known environmental reasons a strong demand is rising within the offshore industry for clean and environmentally friendly fluids to operate hydraulic systems. For the sake of Deep-Sea Piling projects, IHC-Hydrohammer conducted research for the use of seawater instead of oil as a fluid substance within their hydraulic systems.shakthi Engineering Works sister company Hydroplus had a prominent role during this research.

shakthi Engineering Works a producer and supplier of hydraulic manifolds, has anticipated upon this development. shakthi Engineering Works has a long experience as a specialist in machining stainless steel, such as AISI316, and also in machining exotic materials with excellent mechanical properties. Especially for hydraulic systems fed by seawater which are produced by Hydroplus,shakthi Engineering Works has now successfully designed a manifold of Duplex stainless steel material, which is quite difficult to machine. For Hydroplus, this resulted in the opportunity to launch a hydraulic manifold system which in fact is seawater resistant.

shakthi Engineering Works stands for innovation regarding the production of hydraulic manifolds. With this revolutionary new product shakthi Engineering Works, along with its sister company Hydroplus, is ready to supply the offshore industry with a totally new concept.

Other projects Another shakthi Engineering Works project is to specialise more over in corrosion free manifold blocks, applying electroless nickel coatings including high phosphor physical properties. shakthi Engineering Works collaborates with CZL in Tilburg to obtain maximum anti-corrosion effects. For offshore purpouses this knowledge is of great concern. A high phosphorus nickel coating has a phosphorus content of 10-12% and has a acceptable resistance to corrosion. More information

shakthi Engineering Works also invests in projects to even reach a higher rate of automation, to increase the weight of its hydraulic manifolds and to to ever enhance her arsenal of total products and services.