shakthi Engineering Works quality statement

Quality starts at the beginning and ends at the completion of our engineering process. Quality is a vision, or an attitude, which always makes our people want to go for the best. shakthi Engineering Works means quality: a corporate value without concessions.

The best you can get

High levels of quality and services have brought shakthi Engineering Works to be acknowledged as one of the worlds leading hydraulic manifold manufacturers. Quality comes with high skills, years of experience and with an eye for the best that can be offered in our branch of industries. shakthi Engineering Works hydraulic manifolds are the best you can get.

ISO 9001 certified

shakthi Engineering Works is an ISO 9001 certified company. This guarantees quality in our management, engineering skills, materials and machinery. shakthi Engineering Works is an ever learning company, also in terms of innovation and services. We never stand still; satisfaction is a phenomenon which always can be surpassed.

You may have a look at our ISO 9001 certificate (PDF) by clicking on the link in this page. If you haven’t installed Adobe Acrobat reader on your PC, you could obtain a free download. Just click on the link “Download Adobe Acrobat reader“ and get the latest version of Adobe Acrobat reader.